Features of the limited demo

A free demo is available to everyone - just visit the test dashboard without signing in.

The demo offers many of the features you would find if you had an account but is limited in the breadth of use.

You can carry out 1 full-site test per site and 1 single-page test per page. This limit is not present if you create an account.

All demo tests are public as standard. They can be viewed by anyone and are always to be found in the demo account test history.

Pages to be tested will be discovered by examining a site's XML sitemap or news feed (RSS/Atom).

Sites with no sitemap or news need cannot be tested through the free demo. A free or premium account allows a site to be crawled to discover pages to test.

Each full-site demo test will examine up to the first 10 pages discovered. A premium account is required for testing larger sites.

Results can be accessed for up to 24 hours only. An account is required to claim and view older demo test results.

Demo tests can carry out HTML validation and CSS validation tests. An account is required to carry out link integrity (broken link) checks.

Demo tests cannot be carried out against HTTPS sites, are not able to use HTTP authentication and are not able to set custom cookies. A premium account is required to use these features.

Per-test limitations

Full-site tests per site 1
Single-page tests per page 1
Pages examined per test 10
Credits per month

Access to results

Private tests No
Results available for 24 hours
Read-only reports No

URL discovery

Discovery via sitemap Yes
Discovery via crawling No

Test types

HTML validation Yes
CSS validation Yes
JS static analysis No
Link integrity checking No

Advanced options

HTTPS sites No
HTTP authentication No
Custom cookies No